Bujang Basar

NAME: Bujang Basar
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Crocodylus Porosus
ORIGIN: Sandakan, Sabah.
LENGTH: (15.3FT) 4.6 Meters
WEIGHT: 1 tonne (1000KG)
"Bujang Basar" has been verified by The Malaysia Book of Records for being the largest crocodile in Malaysia in 2019.


⦁ usually measure between 6 - 7 meters and for females it is 3 - 4 meters
⦁ The weight can reach up to 1300 kg for males and 900 kg for females.
⦁ the largest reptile in the world and is often said to be the most dangerous to humans
⦁ Its deadly hunting technique is the death roll, gripping its prey with its powerful jaws while rolling it over and over until it dies.
⦁ Copper crocodiles can produce between 35 - 50 eggs at a time, and hatching occurs after 90 days.
⦁ The hatching temperature determines the sex of the crocodile egg.