⦁ Species: Crocodylus Porosus
⦁ Age: 3 – 5 years old
⦁ Number of crocodile: 20 – 30
There are 2 activities available at the Juvenile Pond which is:
⦁ fishing crocodiles
⦁ feeding crocodiles.

You can follow the activity by making a payment at the Kiosk if your package does not include the activity.
RM15 – 4 Pieces of chicken
RM5 – 1 Pellet cup

⦁ Salt water Crocodile
⦁ Body size can reach 4 – 7 Meters
⦁ Has a long muzzle and several steel plates on its neck.
⦁ In their jaws, they have an uneven shape and teeth that are quite different in size
⦁ An aggressive crocodile and it speed can reach 15KPH per hour.